Why FastStart
LED FastStart, Baton Rouge
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Why Choose LED FastStart

Seven differentiators make LED FastStart's methods innovative and unique, resulting in world-class recruitment and training.

  1. Innovative
    LED FastStart® is rethinking how training is developed and delivered.

    FastStart employs iPads and other digital platforms to provide real-time training tools and feedback, and utilizes both traditional classroom instruction and hands-on, immersive training approaches.

  2. Comprehensive
    LED FastStart delivers a turnkey workforce solution for new or expanding facilities.

    FastStart offers essential workforce services such as employee recruitment and screening, safety and teamwork training, leadership development for managers, and specialized assistance for employees as they transition to a new community and a new job.

  3. Flexible
    FastStart adjusts to evolving company needs.

    FastStart offers support around the clock (and around the world, if needed) and provides services that other states cannot offer because of bureaucratic constraints.

  4. Talented
    FastStart is made up of dozens of dedicated professionals with extensive industry-specific experience.

    FastStart delivers top-notch training in quality, leadership, lean manufacturing, animation and other critical areas, and covers a wide variety of industries such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace, digital media and pharmaceuticals.

  5. Tailored
    FastStart does not utilize a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

    FastStart services are designed and tailored exclusively for each company, with no preconceived notions about the best approach and no bias regarding the use of existing training programs or facilities.

  6. Fast
    Speed is key for success.

    LED FastStart prides itself on proactively staying ahead of the company's schedule to ensure that the company meets or exceeds its targets. FastStart starts working immediately without requiring an application or cumbersome approval forms.

  7. Driven
    Success is based on a single metric: client satisfaction.

    Every FastStart project focuses only on each company's target performance measures rather than the number of classes taught or hours trained.